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6. La(Root) Series (2012-2013)

This series further explores and highlights the contributions made by Kapitan Chung as well as Ngah Ibrahim and prominent figures from the Indian community of Taiping, resulting in many landmarks achieved since 1860s. The idea of many races living together harmoniously, especially after the Pangkor Treaty in 1874, has similarity to the 1 Malaysia aspects. The achievement in Larut is trying to relate to the nowadays which  is the continuity that started in Larut. The La(Root) solo exhibition was held in G13 Gallery in December 2012. Some of the works were exhibited in “MOYA Annuale- Young Art Global 2013” in MOYA- Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria and became their collection.

La Rootjalan- keretapi- pelabuhanmata-mata and jemada (police force)healthu taipingmuseumpost and telegtaphvisit zooArtillerySekolah Inggeris (english school)Teacher’s CollegeTekah Airfield


3. FORTUNE SERIES (2009-2011)

Fortune is the series which inspired by the idea of television program “Wheel of Fortune” and “Money Wheel” in which the main message to be delivered in connection with the monopoly and competition for land in Larut (Taiping now) by two secret societies:- Ghee Hin and Hai San. Only a very lucrative rewards given to winners only. So all sides either quarrel or fight each other to get the first prize. At the same time, this work is also related to gambling has existed since the 18th century in Malaya until now still active as the latest technological developments in the short messaging system (SMS). This series had obtained several awards such as Insentive Award by the “Galeri Shah Alam Open Show” in 2009 for “The Fortune I” piece and later became the permanent collection of National Visual Arts Gallery NVAG, Malaysia. “The Fortune II” were awarded Consolation Prize for the “Johor Visual Art Competition” in the same year. Meanwhile, “The Fortune IV” were selected in “Excellent Young Artist- Malaysia 2010” in Penang State Art Gallery.

The Fortunethe fortune #2THE FORTUNE #3the fortune #4THE PROSPEROUSTHE CONQUER #2