“Year of the Horse” series 2014-2015

In the year 2014- according to the Chinese Lunar calendar was the year of the horse. It’s considered a strong and challenging year based on the characters and elements of the horse. Among the elements and characters that can be seen through history in the country during the last years of the horse are as follows: –

1882 Wan Ahmad as the first Sultan (Sultan Ahmad Al-Muazam Shah) in the state of Pahang. Loyalty
1894  War in Jeram Ampai, Pahang caused many death among nationalists who against the British Fight
1906 State of Kedah Has abolished forced labor practices and land tax payments on the people. Fair
1918 The opening of the railway plant in Padang Besar has linked the railway track in Thailand. Open policy
1930 The Friendship Agreement between the state of Perlis and the British was made to clarify the position of the Perlis state and separate with the state of Kedah. Indepandent
1942 Federation of Malaya was taken by the Japanese. Challenge/ difficulties
1954 Mersing, Johor declared as a white area, free from the threat of communism and the free community of doing business, agriculture and so on. Freedom
1966 Diplomatic relations with neighboring countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Friendship
1978 Development of transportation and economic systems. Development
1990 Promoting the arts and culture of the nation Creative
2002 Expand and maintain the country’s economy, politics and social. Leadership
2014 Missing of flight MH370 Challenge/ difficulties

Therefore, every year the horse has a real horse element. We as Malaysians should have a high spirit, do what is best for ourselves and others even though the challenges will arise unexpected. Let us Malaysians unite for achievement and progress!

4Year of the Horse (Water Element)1Year of the Horse (Water Element)year of the horse (wood element)1Liu with the metal horse sculpture( Year of the Horse, 16 feet


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