“Keluar Lumpur”, Al-Aqsa “Form of the DOA” 2014

Every artist given a piece of aluminium sheet debris from the Al-Aqsa mosque to create a piece of work. I choose to melt the aluminium sheet and cast it into a hand punch wrapped with mud.

“Keluar Lumpur” is the symbolism of the hand in the release of suction of the mud. Mud is a mix of soil and water which in Malay “tanah and “air” means nation – into a viscous and sticky and hard to get through or escape from that if stepped on, and may be killed if he stepped into a hole in mud. For me, the people of Palestine is under the suction of mud, and they are working hard to get over this difficult challenge. Here I wish to say that people in Kuala Lumpur and the nation are concerned about them. Therefore, this work is so significant among us, urge all to be out of scope in order to help, to give prayer and seeking the miracle that will happen. The element of arabesque is being used as a form DOA which symbolized as a hope.



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