4. KAPITAN SERIES (2010-2011)

Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee is the founder of the Taiping modernization. He was a millionaire and he constantly renewing the way to mine tin in Larut, Perak. He is also involved in agriculture, pawning and logging. He is well-known and influential among the Chinese and European, especially British. He is also the head of the Chinese secret society Hai San and in the other han, Chin Ah Yam was the head of Ghee Hin society . According to Perak’s history that has happened three times in a fight between the two societies. The first fighting took place in 1861 which is water source problem during mining activities. The second fight was from gambling in 1865 and the third was in 1872 due to scandal attorney by the name of the Ghee Hin Lee Ah Kun with his wife of Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee. Of historical facts, we should realize that we live in a family. The value of understanding, cooperation and solidarity should be practiced by the community to be developed and peaceful country.



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