Penang developed rapidly in the industrial and technological revolution. Although the current Penang rapid technological developments, but the origin of the Penang based heritage, culture and history is maintained and not changed. In addition, the merger of technology in society has resulted in standards development and the achievement of higher and ever expanding from time to time. Society is always at the front in pursuit of progress is not only locally but internationally. Sculptures motive is from the “Pinang” tree where the state name is given. It is an honor to the state because it is an icon or identity to reflect the state of Penang. In addition, physical icons are courageous and strong, it is appropriate holding represents heritage, culture and history of strong and so there is continuous national unity. Preservation of culture in this country is very encouraging. It is continuous and in line with current technological developments. “The Prospect I” awarded 2nd Prize for “Penang The One Sculpture Competition 2008”. Meanwhile, “The Prospect III” were the finalist in the “10th Oita Asian Sculpture Competition”, Japan in 2012.

THE PROSPECT #3 The prospect 2 The Prospect


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